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2018 Municipal Election

The Balsaam Lake Association asked each of the Ward candidates around the lake and the Mayoralty candidates for City of Kawartha Lakes to submit a 300 word piece on their election platform. Each of the submissions are linked below. To review the submission for your Ward simply click on the link. We have also included a 'How To' link explaining the voting for 2018.


We hope you find this helpful in making your voting choice and we would welcome your comments through either our 'Contact Us' page or through our Facebook page


 Mayoral Candidates - CKL

Ward 1 Candidates

Ward 2 Candidates

Ward 3 Candidates


Balsam Lake Provincial Park Management Plan-2018

May, 2018

Ontario Parks, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is pleased to announce the release of the approved management plan for Balsam Lake Provincial Park. The approved management plan will be posted on the Environmental Registry of the Environmental Bill of Rights website at (search for ER notice # 011-8258) or can be viewed at


Hydro Rates for Seasonal Customers

Hydro One Update – Spring, 2017


Hydro rates remain a controversial subject across all of Ontario these days as the Government tries to soften the impact of the significant increases being experienced by Ontario consumers.

In the midst of these issues there remain two issues that have additional impacts on the Balsam Lake community, namely;

The first initiative is underway across the province and is being phased in for Hydro One customers beginning January 2016 over an 8 year period. The intent here is to minimize any customers increase from this change to less than 10%/year. The end result is that Hydro One’s distribution charges will be at flat rate and not a function of your monthly usage.

The second initiative was addressed by Hydro One in its submission to the OEB in December this past year. In that submission, Hydro One has proposed a plan to eliminate Seasonal class over a period of some 8 years to mitigate the dramatic impact on current seasonal customers who would move to the R2 rate class. In addition during that period Hydro One would apply transition credits to these customers by collecting a small levy from all existing Hydro one customers each month, in the order of $2.00/month. This issue is very controversial as many Seasonal customers in zone R1 (Balsam Lake community) will see their costs decrease while most Seasonal customers in zone R2 will see dramatic increases in their electricity costs. Currently those Seasonal customers in R2 are being subsidized by the Seasonal customers in R1.

The Balsam Lake Coalition (BLC) is continuing to advocate for the elimination of Seasonal class and was a major contributor in the decision to move delivery charges to flat rate. The Balsam Lake Association continues their support for the efforts of BLC.


Balsam Lake & Cameron Lake Management Plan

Lake Management Plan Implementation – The Road Ahead

In 2010, the City of Kawartha Lakes embarked on a project to develop science-based and community-driven Lake Management Plans for all of the major lakes in the City. The preparation of each plan entailed three years of data collection, analysis and consultation and a fourth year for plan preparation, approval and publication. The Balsam Lake and Cameron Lake Management Plan, the second in a series of seven Plans, was published in 2015 and is available at the link below.


Balsam & Cameron Lake Management Plan






Lake Management Plan - Balsam Lake

The Lake Management Plan for Balsam & Cameron Lakes is now essentially complete. It is to be endorsed by the Kawartha Conservation Authority latger this Spring and presented to City of Kawartha Lakes Council shortly thereafter.

The Plan is available for viewing at the website:

 Please feel free to peruse the plan at your convenience and direct any questions or comments through our website or through the Kawartha Conservation site.